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  • Weekend Workshop for business groups approach to work stress
  • Medical and psychological treatment of disorders resulting from work stress
  • Occupational Health and optimization strategies of human resources in the company
  • Prevention of risk factors associated with drug and alcohol use in the workplace

Stress affects the world population due to the constant social and economic pressures affecting the physical, emotional and social.Se operation produces stress when environmental demands are excessive, intense and prolonged beating the responsiveness of the individual.

Reduce the body's defenses so that prolonged stress over time favors the occurrence of heart problems, muscle tension, breathing problems, decreased performance físico.Surgen psycho-emotional disorders that manifest themselves in confusion, irritability, insomnia, difficulty with interpersonal relationships, discouragement, catastrophic thinking, making poor decisions or difficulty doing, triggering several people the onset of depressive disorders or addictive (drugs and alcohol).



Addiction Prevention Consulting Services in the workplace