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Weekend Anti-Stress

In mid begin to experience some exhaustion, some irritability or intolerance, anxiety about certain situations unresolved, insomnia, we take unwise decisions. He is gradually installing the Stress in Everyday Life.

What happens if we do nothing about it?
We lose our inner balance and the impact of stressors on our mind, can influence disease processes over time.
It has been studied that the chronicity of certain conditions in interaction with our genetics, our personality and our environment can facilitate the emergence of certain diseases.
What is our proposal?
Take time to recover the lost balance and thus take our life with greater assertiveness and health, preventing disease occurrence.



9 am. Reception and Presentation of the activity. Tour of reconnaissance.

                         How do we know if we Stress? What is? Ways in which manifests.

                         Exercises connection with oneself, here and now.

                         Technical Mindfullnes.


15 pm. Recreational and relaxing time.

                              Activity Stress coping techniques.

                               Mate, coffee and goodies.

                               Time relaxing and entertainment.

                               Dinner at Restaurant with mountain cuisine.



10 am Breakfast.

11 am Closing of the activity, final thoughts and strategies to follow at home and at work.